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What We Do:

Death Ray Arts is a (very) small boutique media company and publishing imprint. We make short films, music videos, documentary shorts, branding films, music scores, soundscapes, mixed media, and whatever else we feel like making. We gravitate towards making stylized, low-tech, fun products.

The mission of Death Ray Arts is simple:

Make intensely personal, cool-looking, and cool-sounding media. Leverage existing resources to do so. Try "mad scientist" stuff where necessary.

What We Believe:

1. A lot can be done with a little.

2. Art exists, succeeds, and fails on its own terms.

3. Shorter is better. In today's hypermediated world, nobody owes you their attention. It has to be earned. Therefore, make your product concise, punchy, memorable, and go for the jugular.

4. Aesthetics matter.

​Company Info

Founded in 2020, Death Ray Arts is based in Jersey City, NJ, and is a division of Corgolini Media, LLC

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